October 2017

Hello, and welcome to my  photography website, and thank you for visiting.

Here’s a brief overview of my photographic service.

My name is Mel, and I reside in Vancouver Metro, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. As you can see from my portfolio, I photograph various subjects, such as events, food, fashion, portraits, objects and weddings.  I have, for example, been published locally, internationally, included in a photography gallery exhibit, and satisfied many businesses, couples, families—clients of every type.  

With wedding photography, it’s about helping the couple, including all parties involved, map out their memorable photography moments. By doing this, there should be no missed photographs of those significant moments. For example, key moments will be identified on a photo-shoot timeline schedule, waiting to be captured during a specific time. Of course magical, unscripted moments can occur as well, which too should be captured.

Couples can also determine types of wedding photography styles: posed (such as group shots), candids (journalistic type), and posed candids, or combinations of all. We can chat and determine your desired style—plus all other numerous details that you would like the photographer to know.

Next to having the experience and the photographic eye, my equipment is professional—camera bodies, lenses, lighting, softwares, and so on. All these play a part in capturing those key images that communicate the visual message.

Further, I have extensive experience in marketing, ranging from branding to digital content marketing, and events, project management, research, social media, strategy to trade shows. So, in case you’re undertaking a photography project that's of a business nature, where marketing could be involved, let me know. And I can assist you demystify how photography can address your marketing objectives.

Cogito Ergo Shoot MEANING—
I often get asked, what does Cogito Ergo Shoot mean? Well, CES is derived from Rene de Cartes’ philosophy adage, Cogito Ergo Sum—meaning, I think, therefore I am. In my case, I think, therefore I shoot.

Much appreciated for your time,

CogitoErgoShoot.com // mel buenaventura photography
creative. passionate. and professional.

email: nomsg4moi (at) yahoo.com
blog: NewBrandThinking.ca

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